Start writing

It started in 2022, happy new year.

This year, I plan to update my blog as well.

I hope you enjoy in this blog.

It’s like New Year’s Eve as usual, and it feels “strangely” new.

I have been practicing SHO since New Year’s Day this year.

Kakizome- exhibition

Every February, there is the first exhibition of KAKIZOME . It sponsored by the Nihon Shu-ji Gakkai . Students from the Waran Mizukukikai also participate. The teachers in each classroom often exhibit as supporting works that are not subject to judging. I also participate every year.

This time, I was late to start. So I gave up my JIUN and decided to “RINSHO” to my exhibit.

Rinsho and Jiun

Put simply,

“RINSHO” means “copy” . “Imitating a classic work or a masterpiece sincerely”.

“JIUN” is a character or work that you create yourself.

“RINSHO” is not only a technical improvement, but also a discipline that captures the author’s thoughts. There are many “things to see” and “things to notice”. It is an indispensable training method for learning SHODO.

JI-UN works tend to be “self-satisfied” and “selfish”, but by doing a “RINSHO”, you can reconfirm “what you want”, a really deep and endless “thing”. Discovery work “.

I used to finish the work (RINSHO) for the competition every month. But after the publication of the magazine stopped that I was subscribed, I was lazy. since that I wrote a RINSHO as a just study.

same example but different

I chose for the KAKIZOME- exhibition the SHO from the works of a master which published in the magazine . More than 10 years ago , when I still learned in Japan , Minamisawa- sensei made the example from same SHO for me. At first, I wrote directly from the works of “famous master” without looking at “it”, but I could not feel it. I was a little impatient, so it’s … not very fine.

I write a few sheets and look at the examples of Minamizawa-sensei side by side.

Then, I could understand “the work” surprisingly. The feeling that “the heart is in focus”.

I can hear Minamisawa-sensei’s voice from the example … Oh, I was really carefully raised… I feel crying.

SHO connected to …

The “calligraphy” seems to be connected to the deep part of the soul. Raising “calligraphy” with the help of a reliable person has a deep meaning more than ” just learning letters”. Now that I feel it even deeper. I want to see my teacher … (tears)

Now it’s my job to teach people, and I’m growing up with them. I would like to become a teacher who can leave a “view of the work” among the students. It was the New Year in 2022, I thought about it again.

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