“a way of calligraphy” I will introduces you over the classrooms and events of Waran Mizukuki Kai, calligraphy events such as calligraphy exhibitions, and information and personal opinions about calligraphy. It is a blog that walks slowly along the path of calligraphy. I would be happy if you were interested in calligraphy.

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  • 22 Oct Workshop in Japanse winkel Batsu
    13th calligraphy workshop at the Japanese winkel Batus in Groningen. A pleasant autumn Sunday, neither cold nor hot. Once again, the calligraphy workshop in Japanse winkel Batsu was fully booked. Thank you very much for your participation. When Sachiko-san and I started the calligraphy workshop, it was difficult to find participants, but now, thankfully, the …
  • Nienoord Art Market 2023.
    On 7 and 8 October I gave a demonstration of calligraphy and singing at Kunst op Nienoord in Leek. This year I participated for the second time in the annual Nienoord Art Market at Museum Nienoord. Compared to the first time, I was less nervous in a good way. Also I felt more comfortable and …
  • At the Bonsai-exhibition.
    I demonstrated Calligraphy ( shodo) at the Bonsai Club Noord bonsai exhibition in Groningen-Haren, 24-25 June. Thank you to all those who came to see, organisers and other participants Because my husband is also a member of this club, I got this request of demonstration, it was 2 weeks before. I was a little worried …
  • Art market at Nienoord 2022
    On October 8th and 9th, I attended the Kunsut op Nienoord at the museum in the Nienoord park in Leek. The reason why I applied to participate in this market was the introduction of Sylvia Bökkerink-san, an ink painting artist, and Franzis/Paula Maars-san, an accessory artist. Thanks to you, I was able to pass the …
  • Looking back on the first half of 2022
    Half of 2022 has passed. I’m going to write a blog about “happy things” that happened in the last half year in Waran Mizukuki-kai♪ Promotion test in March There are 2 times promotion test in a year at Nihon- shuji-gakkai (in March and August) . If the head of the class recognized that you have …
December 2023
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