“a way of calligraphy” I will introduces you over the classrooms and events of Waran Mizukuki Kai, calligraphy events such as calligraphy exhibitions, and information and personal opinions about calligraphy. It is a blog that walks slowly along the path of calligraphy. I would be happy if you were interested in calligraphy.

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  • At Facet Emmen ~Manga genesis 2024~
    Emmen, where the “King’s Birthday Celebration” was recently a great success. I participated in a manga-themed event – Manga Genesis2024 vol. 1 – at the Facet cultural center there with calligraphy. It happened in March, so already far away . But I tried to do some interesting things , I will write about that. I …
  • 2024 is the year of the dragon
    It is already February and I am going to look back at the events of 2023 and write about some of my ambitions for 2024. Photographic edition of 2023. Every month we send our calligraphy to Nihon Shuji Gakkai for a competition , and a particularly well-crafted work is photographed in the magazine. selected for …
  • 22 Oct Workshop in Japanse winkel Batsu
    13th calligraphy workshop at the Japanese winkel Batus in Groningen. A pleasant autumn Sunday, neither cold nor hot. Once again, the calligraphy workshop in Japanse winkel Batsu was fully booked. Thank you very much for your participation. When Sachiko-san and I started the calligraphy workshop, it was difficult to find participants, but now, thankfully, the …
  • Nienoord Art Market 2023.
    On 7 and 8 October I gave a demonstration of calligraphy and singing at Kunst op Nienoord in Leek. This year I participated for the second time in the annual Nienoord Art Market at Museum Nienoord. Compared to the first time, I was less nervous in a good way. Also I felt more comfortable and …
  • At the Bonsai-exhibition.
    I demonstrated Calligraphy ( shodo) at the Bonsai Club Noord bonsai exhibition in Groningen-Haren, 24-25 June. Thank you to all those who came to see, organisers and other participants Because my husband is also a member of this club, I got this request of demonstration, it was 2 weeks before. I was a little worried …
June 2024
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