“a way of calligraphy” I will introduces you over the classrooms and events of Waran Mizukuki Kai, calligraphy events such as calligraphy exhibitions, and information and personal opinions about calligraphy. It is a blog that walks slowly along the path of calligraphy. I would be happy if you were interested in calligraphy.

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  • At the Bonsai-exhibition.
    I demonstrated Calligraphy ( shodo) at the Bonsai Club Noord bonsai exhibition in Groningen-Haren, 24-25 June. Thank you to all those who came to see, organisers and other participants Because my husband is also a member of this club, I got this request of demonstration, it was 2 weeks before. I was a little worried … Read more
  • Art market at Nienoord 2022
    On October 8th and 9th, I attended the Kunsut op Nienoord at the museum in the Nienoord park in Leek. The reason why I applied to participate in this market was the introduction of Sylvia Bökkerink-san, an ink painting artist, and Franzis/Paula Maars-san, an accessory artist. Thanks to you, I was able to pass the … Read more
  • Looking back on the first half of 2022
    Half of 2022 has passed. I’m going to write a blog about “happy things” that happened in the last half year in Waran Mizukuki-kai♪ Promotion test in March There are 2 times promotion test in a year at Nihon- shuji-gakkai (in March and August) . If the head of the class recognized that you have … Read more
  • Shodo-Workshop ~ in Japanes shop Batsu~
    On very beautiful sunny Sunday 15 Mei, There is a Shodo-workshop in Japans winkel en web shop Batsu in Groningen. Sachiko-san ( the owner of the shop ) is the first student of the Waran Mizukukikai. In 2016, The very first times workshop in Japans winkel Batsu was also my very first time Shodo workshop. … Read more
  • Kobo does not choose a brush
    Kobo Daishi is a most founders Japanese calligraphy. “Kobo does not choose a brush” is one of the famous stories of Kobo Daishi. It is said that Mr. Kobo will write any character brilliantly regardless of the brush, and it is generally used to mean that “a master has an skill that is not influenced … Read more
September 2023
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