What is  SHODO(書道)?

SHODO is the name of Japanese calligraphy.
SHO(書)is the writing of beautiful character , and DO(道)is a way. SHODO ( 書道 ) is an art , and also SHODO will be a kind of mentality training.

You learn  SHODO by copying a beautiful text of works from good calligraphers, as in  other arts.  When you learn SHODO with a good concentration and a correct posture, you may find out your deep feeling and your own honest line … if you want.

The motto of the Waran Mizukukikai

WARAN MIZUKUKI-KAI   is name of our SHODO school.

WARAN means Netherlands ( Holland ),

MIZUKUKI means a stem of a plant , but also a beautiful handwriting. Everyone has his or her own timing to learn So, “do not rush to learn, and enjoy your step by step with SHODO”. This is the base of the motto by WARAN MIZUKUKI-KAI.

For start to SHODO

It doesn’t matter starting SHODO when you don’t know Japanese. This school is not a language school, but I’ll explain you the words which you learn at the moment by Netherlands ,English , of course Japanese. Most students of WARAN MIZUKUKI-KAI do not know Japanese, but they make a beautiful calligraphy.

Why would you want to learn Japanese calligraphy?(SHODO)

Every student of this school has his or her own reason for learning SHODO. For art, for mindfulness, for interest, to learn to Japanese text… and so on. I’ll just tell you how to control your brush, how to learn the basis. I hope that you find out some interest in your SHODO.

You can see some feeling of our school and about SHODO in mijn blog.

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