Calligraphy in your favorite words

Words ( Kotoba言葉 ) is written as “Koto(言)ha(葉)” leaves of ‘saying’ in Japan. Words themselves are believed to have a ‘power’, and I believe the ‘power’ too.

Encouraging and disciplining feelings, strong words, gentle words, good poems and haiku, etc. will be completed as “calligraphy works”.

How about giving a gift of “calligraphy of your favorite words” to celebrate marriage, employment, graduation, childbirth, etc., or to commemorate memories with loved ones?

someone important to you 

and for yourself

Order flow

1: I will listen to your favorite words, poems, images, etc., consult and consider the type of calligraphy (printed script, running script, cursive script, kana), and create two patterns of drafts.

2: Finish the calligraphy in the form you chose.

3: Stick rice paper together to reinforce and finish the work. (according to your request)

Size of works

The size is from about 10 cm to full size (about 69 cm x 136 cm), but larger sizes are also possible.

It is also possible to order only data according to the application, such as for cards.

Please contact me.

cost and time

The cost depends on the size and quality (*the time it takes to finish).

Example 1: Japanese paper size (about 25 cm x 35 cm ) with simple frame A4 size = around €150- + shipping fee

Example 2: Half cut (about 35cm x 136cm) without frame= around €200- + shipping *A hanging scroll or picture frame can be ordered for an additional fee.

Example 3: Japanese style works with data only = around €90-,


Production time is basically about one month,

but it may take longer depending on the size and contents.

please contact me

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