“I have an interest to calligraphy ( Shodo ) , but I don’t know yet that I can sit in the permanent class.”

“anyway I want to try it one time”

“I want to try calligraphy ( Shodo ) to make memories with my friends” etc・・・

You may try it on workshop, or private lesson.

If you have some plan of event, I will give some big workshop also.


you may join in of workshop in Glimmen, or I will come to your place.

  • Location : In Glimmen or your home, other location of your choice.
  • Participants: [ Glimmen ] 4 ~ 6 persons [ other ] 4 ~10 pesrons .
  • time of lesson : 2 hour ( inc. tea time )
  • the cost : €35- / per person ( inc. tools, tea )

please contact me

*If you would like to take a workshop with less than the minimum number of people, you can divide the minimum cost ( €140 ) by the number of people.( Ex. For two persons €70- /person)

*If you would like to participate by yourself, please apply. I will contact you when the minimum number of participants is reached.

One participant contacted the group workshop.

If three more people gather, the workshop will be organised.

If you are interested, please contact me .

Large number of workshops such as events

I also accept workshops with a large number of people such as events.

Lesson-time and the cost will depend on the content. Please contact me.

private lesson

Private lessons are available for those who cannot attend classes for a long time, or who want to learn calligraphy using only certain words. It will be a schedule according to the contents. Please contact us.

  • time of lesson:it will be a according to the contents.
  • Location : In Glimmen , or place of your choice. * In that case, transportation fee will be charged separately.
  • the costs: €45/ hour (*Depends on the content, please contact me )
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