Around November every year, you will receive a text for the next KAKIZOME exhibition. Each person decide which model will challenge and practice. For the exhibition held in the latter half of February, it is usually finished in January.

The Kakizome-exhibition once a year is an opportunity to write big letters on big paper with a big brush. And also it will to check the progress of the year with both oneself and others. Everyone is looking forward to do it. So originally, I want to they finish it with a good practice and with satisfie.

under the Lockdown

At the end of 2020, there was a concern about delivery during a severe lockdown, so we had to finish the Kakizome work in December and shipped to Japan.

In addition to being busy during the Christmas season, also there is a limit to the number of people in the classroom, so we made a schedule with people who come to the classroom and practice on Skype.

2021 was calm until around November, and based on the delivery information obtained at that time, I planned to finish of the works of Kakizome in January as usual. Even if the number of infected Omicron strains is increasing, if I was careful that there would not be such a strong limit as far as I heard the actual damage information … Unexpectedly, a sudden severe lockdown in December! Extended even after the year-end and New Year holidays.

When I called DHL and confirmed that “the shipping fee is high, but it seems to arrive in about a week”, the delivery schedule is currently one week to one month (!) And the shipping fee is about three times that of!

I can talk with everyone if it arrives in 2 weeks, but I can’t rely on it.

It was January 4, 2022 that I learned of that fact. The first lesson is Friday the 7th.

Hard decision of the limit

Everyone is looking forward to “finishing it nicely” and I am also looking forward to it. However, I was worried enough to say “what is the highest priority”, and I decided that “it is essential to be in time for the exhibition”. The students heard during the New Year’s lessons that “everyone will basically finish the kakizome-works in today’s lesson.”

Oh … the reliable thing of everyone’s “I have no time to be upset!” !! (tears)

The seven people who scheduled of exhibit are skilled people at the Waran Mizukukikai, who have come to practice for a long time. The reason why I can decided to “pass through” like this is because I believed in them “skill”.

we could change the pinch to chance

Various things have created “unusual methods” in the corona whirlpool. For us , this time became a memorable Kakizome-exhibition that challenged “creating unprecedented speed works”.

About half a month after shipment, I was informed that the work had arrived safely at the Tokyo headquarters. And finally I could enjoy the meal.

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