Half of 2022 has passed. I’m going to write a blog about “happy things” that happened in the last half year in Waran Mizukuki-kai♪

Promotion test in March

There are 2 times promotion test in a year at Nihon- shuji-gakkai (in March and August) . If the head of the class recognized that you have a enough level, you may try the examen.

Waran Mizukuki Kai currently has about 6-7 talented people. Exam assignments are published approximately four months before the exam. There is also the monthly assignments (we call it Kyo-sho). The students who are planning to take the exam will be quite busy to complete the exam assignments.

The students of Waran Mizukuki Kai are not “Japanese speakers”, so the hurdles are higher than for Japanese students. But we aim to pass the exam without fail while valuing “having fun while finishing”. .

You may be able to pass the 1st and 2nd-Dan exams with a little more loose guidance. However, I believe that they will become higher level. My strict guidance is for the preparation when they challenge the higher exams. Even so, I am moved by the fact that everyone is not discouraged, seriously finishes a really powerful and wonderful work.

The passing standard is 70 points. Even 69 points will fail. It seems that “70 points” corresponds to “100 points”. Therefore, if you received a high score of 71 or 72 points, it means there is “something above the ordinary”,.

Passed with a high score

The exams in march is quite busy for the participants. Because they have the monthly assignment and also Kakizome-exhibition. Still, everyone was amazingly focused and showed their ability, and they all passed! We were able to get a high score of 71 points from everyone except for who had a small amount of practice due to work. It seems that everyone’s hard work has been recognized by the teacher of the judges. Some people think that they will raise the rank quickly. I think the exam is an opportunity to further realize that the calligraphy is connected to the core of the heart, and I think it is important. When the result comes back in the form, there is an indescribable impression, and I am truly grateful that everyone can enjoy that impression together.

Received the Tokyo Art Association Award

As I wrote in my previous blog (Description of the struggle to create a work for Kakizome-exhibition), I was worried about mailing our works to Japan due to the influence of Corona. So, It has become a “quick finish” that has never existed before.

Last year(2021) , Li-chih Lin-san from Taiwan won the Tokyo Art Association Award. But in honest, I thought that we would not win the award 2022.

But what! This year, Else van der Kanp-san (恵留誓)from the Netherlands won the same award ! !

In September of this year, she will enter her fifth year as a member in Waran Mizukuki KAi. She attended the lessons every month and passed the first -dan. She’s getting better and better and is one of those people I’m looking forward to.

Sachiko-san(幸子) got ‘Best choice’ 、Sylvia-san(銀羊)got ‘Selected’.

I was able to feel the skills of the students of Waran Mizukuki Kai in the real. While looking back on the past, I was filled with pleasure. Really reliable and proud. In addition, I myself have to tighten my mind and devote myself to teaching… I straighted my back and stared at the work.

Double circle of kana work

At Waran Mizukuki Kai, we learn calligraphy from the journal called “Shu-ji Club ( 習字クラブ) ” published by the Japan Nihon Shuji Gakkai. Students learn a model that matches their level each month, and send a Sei-sho( 清書=the best work) to the headquarters for review.You can see your judging results on the Shu-ji Club along with your names . Good works will have a circle above the author’s name, exceptionally good works will have a double circle, and a photo of the works will be published in the Shuji-Club.

Nihon Shuji Gakkai uses an age-specific model learning system. But the students of Waran Mizukuki Kai, who are not Japanese speakers, basically start from kindergarten level models. Depending on the promotion, the level will go up from elementary school to junior high school. Until reaching the general level, it is not subject to double circle review.

When you reach the general level, you will start learning Kana style. So You will finish 2 types Sei-shos (清書)every month (kana and large calligraphy). It’s natural that it takes time to learn how to write Hentaigana (変体仮名) . Even ordinary Japanese people can’t read it . But step by step, everyone is improving.

This year the photo of Emile Nales-san’s Kana-works was published.

It is for the first time at the Waran Mizukuki Kai. He started attending classes eight years ago in the summer, and has now made progress in one subject to pass the 2nd dan. He is also studying Japanese and photo of his pencil-works has been published once before.

When he told me that his teacher praised his notebook handwriting when he attended a Japanese course in Japan, I was more proud of him♪

And this time, it is posted with a brush , and it’s a Kana-works. I felt to tears almost.

Towards the second half of 2022.

We are happy to say that all classes are currently full. It took eight and a half years, I was able to grasp the “tips of calligraphy instruction” and “Dutch language” a little bit. So I started to think “I want to advertise calligraphy” little by little with the idea of creating another class.

As the first promotional activity, I will participate in “Kunst op Nienoord 2022” for two days on October 8th and 9th! It will be held at the museum in the big park “Nienoord” in Leek.

There, I am planning to hold a “calligraphy demonstration” . It is very first time for me, and also the first time that I’ll sell my own works of calligraphy which nobody order. First of all, I will do my best.

I would be happy if my calligraphy works sell well, but above all, I think it would be great if more people have intrest in calligraphy.

I will report on this at a later date.

After half 2022 started . Every year from September to the end of the year it’s “time likes an arrow of light”.

With the feeling of “once-in-a-lifetime chance,” I would like to focus on finishing the calligraphy work with all together , including Kakizome-exhibition in 2023.

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