On very beautiful sunny Sunday 15 Mei, There is a Shodo-workshop in Japans winkel en web shop Batsu in Groningen.

Sachiko-san ( the owner of the shop ) is the first student of the Waran Mizukukikai.

In 2016, The very first times workshop in Japans winkel Batsu was also my very first time Shodo workshop.

we discussed about how make the workshop more better every time ,and now it will be enriched, I hope.

With 13 participants …

Total 13 peoples participated to the workshop in this time.

Everyone is very polite and cheerful.

It because of Sachiko-san’s popularity and her calligraphy fever , it is progressing almost 2nd Dan (段) level…

I appreciate to all very well.

There was a first time Japanese participant, and also one of my friend who I met in class of the Dutch course 8 years ago, joined in to this workshop.

Of course I excited and worked hard in every workshop, but I had extra excitement in this workshop.

I hope it was not too far ( laugh ).

Even only make some ink with a ink-block…

I focused a long part of the workshop for drawing until last time, but this time , I took a time for every each steps.

At first , I explained how to make a ink , after that I watched how everyone was going…

It was a very first times things for almost all of the participants, so they enjoyed with this wonder that water slowly changed to Ink , I think.

During at that time I heard only sound of rub the ink-block and smelled Ink.

After that , they practice for how to sitting, holding a brush , and drawing a line.

Also they practice own name with small brush and…

when half of the workshop gone,everyone got a enough tired. We got a short pause with cold green tea and green-tea cake baked by Sachiko-san.

Write [ 一心 ( one hart )] with one hart …

The task of this workshop is [ 一心(one hart)].

This meant [ make your mind to one] , [ devote yourself in ] , [ be absorbed in ] and so on .

Everybody tried hard until the end of the time of workshop with [ Isshin ].

It was the first time for me to have a theme of Chinese characters in the workshop at Batsu.

You may learn very much from Hiragana for Shodo , but Chinese character has many meaning , so it maybe also extra nice to make a works with Chinese chracter.

When they did stop the lock-down in 2021, I got an offer of the workshop in Batsu from Sachiko-san , then occur the word of [ 一心 (Isshin) ] in my head.

It was postponed because of the next lock-down, but now [ 一心(Isshin ) ] became works of everyone this time.

The time to write [一心 (Isshin) ] with one hart in the world that is still little unrest.

It could be timely with several meaning,maybe.

Corona has calm, but some have said it will come back in the fall.

But I think it must be more calm if you think about providence of nature.

I pray it in [ 一心].

Through the workshop

Here are the works of all after the about 3 hours workshop.

I felt the satisfaction and pleasantly tired from all of the participant.

Even with my unclear Dutch, I think the workshop was success, because of a kindly understanding of everybody, and very good support from Sachiko-san.

I’ m really glad , I got mails from the participants that they want to come to my school.

It is nice that you come to my school,

Also it is nice that you come to the workshop in Batsu again, perhaps it will happen again in this fall.

If someone want to follow the workshop with small group , it is possible in my school room. please ask me .

The power of the Shodo, as It makes [heart connection ] with all of the people in this short time.

I recognized it again, and also I would like to try to make a connection with people more and more by Shodo.

Once again,

Thank you very much for all participants, Japans winkel Batsu, and Sachiko-san .

see you again


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  1. Wauw! Leuk Yumi san 😃
    Je hebt het mooi gedaan en een prachtige workshop gegeven. Iedereen was blij en naderhand óók een beetje moe 😅 maar dat is een goed teken. Dank je wel. Lieve groet, Sachiko 🌸

    1. Jij ook dank je Sachiko-san ♪
      Het was zo mooi middag en ja ook heel intensief wokshop , hahaha. De deelnemers die via je naar de workshop komen, echt goed mensen.
      Van harte bedankt atlijd (^^)~♡

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