On October 8th and 9th, I attended the Kunsut op Nienoord at the museum in the Nienoord park in Leek.

The reason why I applied to participate in this market was the introduction of Sylvia Bökkerink-san, an ink painting artist, and Franzis/Paula Maars-san, an accessory artist. Thanks to you, I was able to pass the examination.

My first time. To be honest, the first day, which was greeted while I was busy preparing, was like “in a dream”

On Saturday, we asked Emile-san and Else-san, veterans of the calligraphy class, to help out.

Emile-san, who calmly and kindly helped me when I got the delivery date wrong and when I was in a bit of trouble, and Else-san, who skillfully organized and simplified the scattered works and introductions. Both of them were seen with a backlight ♪

calligraphy in the middle of the room

Knsut op Nienoord was held in two locations: the studio next to the reception building and the museum a little further away. I got a place in the atelier.

When I applied, I didn’t write that I needed a wall. So my place was in the center of the room. I used beams with Sylvia-san’s advice. Emile-san climbed the creaking wooden ladder and hung the string on the beam, but the the work was too long ! I put the frame of “書道” on it, and I think the result was good♪

Reception ~ first day

After the opening reception before the doors open at 11:00,I take a look around the majestic works of the artists. I felt quietly excited that I was “here”. Looking at the “group of my own characters” lined up on the table of them, I discoveries many things and thoughts intersected.

I struggled with the pricing of the calligraphy works. It’s really annoying when money is involved, but it’s calculated as a consideration for labor. Don’t sell yourself cheap even if you can’t sell anything! I said to myself. Instead, I made postcards of almost all the works and lined them up.

calligraphy in public

I’ve been singing in front of people for quite a long time, so I don’t have any “special tension” about “doing something in front of people”. But I’m very careful about “If you’re going to write, you have to be persuasive.” .

Does it need flair? What do you want to do in the first place? After thinking about it, I decided to have them watch the practice scene at the demonstration. I wrote an endless competition for the October issue of the calligraphy club. (Though I didn’t submit what I wrote to the competition )

Foto by Emile

Fumbling on the first day. I wrote as many kanji and kana as I could. While I was writing, people would stop by, and Emile-san and Else-san would explain the work without hesitation and sell the cards.

I nodded to their voices in my heart and thanked them… It took me a while to concentrate on the calligraphy.

The students from the classroom (Jesse-san and Jan-san) brought their families to see it♪

I wish I could introduce my work, but I’m a little embarrassed and can’t…

Except for demonstration, almost nothing could be introduced.

Even though they came all the way to see me…I regret it (tears)In the first place, are you arranging “embarrassing works” in front of people? ! I asked myself and felt guilty.

Day 2

On the second day when I didn’t have two good assistants, my husband helped me. Looking back on the first day when I was so busy moving the work for each performance. On his advice, who has been self-employed for 20 years, I rearranged the parts. I will explain briefly.

Explain each work properly, create a place to hang the calligraphy work, and explain to those who have watched it until the end.

He watches over me kindly and only talks to me when necessary. There is also a halo here (tears).

A lot of people were watching on the first day, but on the second day, the people were “closer” and I felt more comfortable.

Other artists came to buy cards, and I received comments such as, “I can’t read it, but I can feel the love in your work.”

People who want to join the classroom, Silvia-san, and Sachiko-san also come to see it.

If her shop was closed, I think Sachiko-san would have been the first to ask for help. But I’m indebted to her for my calligraphy workshop at Batsu.

Festival is over…

The second day was a day when I was able to calm down and have a “real feeling”. I sold a lot of cards, and I received an order for a calligraphy work.

There are many things that I have learned from this project, but the most important thing is that I thought, “Let’s act with awareness of being a calligrapher.”

Actually, I’m not good at “giving my name”, but it’s a modest “sweetie”.

If you are in a position to guide people, you are not dependent on them. As a “teacher,” I have prepared myself for this and that, but this time I was given the opportunity to “prepare for the future.”

A lot of artists are lining up their “prepared” works.

The artist treats me as a calligraphy artist.

Everyone who comes to my class is happy to see my work.

I take that feeling seriously and think “I will stay without running away”.

So, a little late, but I’m Yumi van der Loo-Hirao, a “calligrapher.”

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