On 7 and 8 October I gave a demonstration of calligraphy and singing at Kunst op Nienoord in Leek.

This year I participated for the second time in the annual Nienoord Art Market at Museum Nienoord. Compared to the first time, I was less nervous in a good way. Also I felt more comfortable and at home with the people around me.

I realize once again the importance of repeating the event.

I applied for the demonstration floor again and there were five groups of participants, including myself.

Stone sculptures, colored pencil paintings. The two artists of ink paintings ( Sumi-e ) and woolen accessories were with me last year, so it was a happy reunion.

I was given a seat in the center without walls again. It’s just right for me to display what I’ve written in the demo and talk about it. You can even see the bananas I’m about to eat from behind (laughs).


On the first day, there was a light drizzle, strong winds and fast moving clouds. Pleasant blue sky, visible and hidden. It was a relief that the weather was clear when we brought it in.

Again I asked Emile-san to assist me. I asked him to climb up the rickety wooden ladder and hang the signboards and half-slice works on the beams and posts. He is a really reliable person who does his work quietly and unobtrusively. I am very grateful to him.

I giggle to myself as I watch Emile-san. He has nine years of calligraphy experience, explain the characters and calligraphy . I’m proud of him.

Last time I made a lot of one-character works in light black ink,but this time I made a four-character work on a frame with four compartments. And as well as several other kana works, etc.

I’ve somehow got used to the discomfort of having my own handwriting framed and displayed in front of people…. If you’re going to put it out there, you have to do it proudly (laughs).

The second day was slightly chilly and windless. Again, I asked my husband for help. He even forgave me for my mischievousness of “leaving at a good enough time, forgetting my brush and returning slightly late to pick up the brush” (sweat). Thankfully, he used his years of customer service skills to talk to people. He didn’t even have time to open the book he brought with him.

This time, there were so many visitors on both days that I spent the whole day explaining and demonstrating. I only managed to eat one bite of lunch. I managed to stay on my feet for the whole of the two days, even though I felt faint during the process.

But… I don’t want to ‘explain’ for a while (laughs).

Songs and Calligraphy

I was just getting used to the discomfort of writing calligraphy in public. But this time I decided to sing a song in addition (laughs).

I started Yamaha Electone at the age of 8, calligraphy at 9, and music changed to ‘singing’ from the age of 22, but I have always been a two-footed person.

I was worried that I was being greedy if I couldn’t decide on just one.” But now I feel glad that I did.

Not at all famous (laughs).

I have always had the image of doing writing and music ‘at the same time’, but never realized it. A market where a lot of people come at random is a good opportunity to ‘try it out’.

The room was small but the door was left open, so I was only worried about being able to hear the sound of the guitar. But it seemed to be okay there.

Three 15-minute demonstrations per day.

Emile-san videotaped the demonstration with a small high-performance camera.

Demonstration of calligraphy


Reaction is… not so bad…?

I saw a lot of challenges for the future. Action is the key to everything.

To summarize…

The Dutch, or perhaps it is a characteristic of Westerners, have a high appetite for knowledge anyway. ‘Why? Hoe?” Many people ask seriously like children (in good meaning).

Thanks to this, I have also come to understand ‘calligraphy’ in words better than when I was in Japan (laughs).

I was surprised that a person who had only lived in Japan twice, each time for three months, 35 years ago came to speak to me in ordinary Japanese. He was researching the Ainu language and also a professional researcher who speaks Russian and other multilingual languages. I envy his linguistic talent. He bought a frame of “falling down seven times getting up eight times” as a souvenir.

Other people have expressed interest in joining calligraphy classes, invitations to set up stalls at other art markets and another expansion.

I hope that little by little more people will become interested in ‘calligraphy’ in this way.

Thank you to all those who came to see us.

We were very happy♪

Well, next up is a ♪

On Sunday 22 October, a calligraphy workshop arranged by Sachiko-san will be held at her shop Japanse winkel Batsu.

Already fully booked with 12 people. Thank you Sachiko-san!

I have been swinging all the way towards Nienoord,

I want to get back into the swing of things and work hard to set an example.

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