It was honored, I got a chance the role of a examiner at the calligraphy exhibition of “HAMAKOYA” in Yokohama. It is a calligraphy school from calligrapher Mr. Shihou Fukui. He is a senior in both of music and calligraphy for my.

Next to the each works , there is an card it conveys the background of the works for the viewer. This card will tell you their opinion of the works, self-introduction from writer, and photographs of students in the calligraphy school . He has a profound affection, I feel.

About works of the exhibition

The works are almost half size ( Hansetsu ). There are writings as “I like cats” or “The enemy wait me in Honnou-ji ” and so on. Some calligraphy has some picture by he or her self draw it. Thar are some smile-faces between letters, torn things are laid out well and displayed. It looks like that you can hear the laughter of in the HAMAKOYA classroom. And also I got the impressing by the serious efforts to make the works with the free and relaxed calligraphy.

The HAMAKOYA Award was voted by the viewers. Friends of Shihou-sensei and calligraphers selects many other awards. I also sent the Waran Mizukuki-kai Award.

Waran Mizukuki-kai Award

All of the works are very energetic and interesting , so it is hard to choose the best one. After all , I sent the Waran Mizukuki-kai Award to the work of Mr. KIchi, who wrote “Kacho Fugetsu” (花鳥風月). I heard that he seems to be “disrespected by the girls because of his KIZA ( affectedly behavior) “. He must be very unique man. He wrote also at the top of the name ” I am a man who loves nature” … nice !! (laughs). It look like the wind is blowing on all over the his works, I like it ♪

I feel from the works that students learned ” penmanship” in his school. I got a opportunity to deep my understanding once again about to learn the ” basics “, that has been studied and inherited over a long history. And also it give me a chance of free thinking about SHO and impressesion. Once again, congratulations to Shihou-sensei for the success of the HAMAKOYA exhibition. I was glad to do, really . Thank you for your wonderful mind , calligraphy , and hard works.

( left ) Yumi, ( mid. ) Kou-shou-hi-sensei, ( right ) Shihou-Fukui- sensei

Someday , I want to do a exhibition with my students too…

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