Unfortunately, lock down is going on still in April. So special lesson style of WARAN MIXUKUKI-KAI also same as last month that one student come to the classroom for lessons, and the rest take the lessons on Skype. I miss normal style of the lesson in the room with all ・・・

Fortunately, almost all of my students have more than two years experience of SHODO. Of course it is so different in normal lesson and with Skype lesson, but I hope that they can learn and practice. Kana-style ( wright with small brush) is difficult to correct only by the screen, so I asked everyone that they send to me them works of Kana-style after each lesson. We can find out some new way to learn in every situation.

I am grateful to my students those who want to continue SHODO-Lesson in such a special situation. So I will do my best to make an example it will make you want to continue the lesson of Shodo ♪

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