The phrase of the tekst of the 行書(Gyosho-style) for adults in July is 家之本在身  “I e no moto wa mi ni aru ” ( Origin of the home exist in yourself).

This is an excerpt from Mencius’s “Minpon Setsu”. ( … perhaps ).

This book is based on the claim that “those who control the nation must respect the people and gain the will of the people.” This “people” doesn’t seem to be the general public, I though (laughs)

In normal ,the text for the adults of the Nihon Shu-ji Gakkai are excerpts from Chinese poetry. When we learn from the old and new wisdom each time, we make to think about the powerful words of the pioneer from long long time ago.


This is the last part of the section from “The origin of the world is in the country, the origin of the country is in the home, and the origin of the home is in the body “. It may be different from the intention of this book, which seems to be written for a monarch or a politician, but my impression from this word is “my way of being” in the current world situation.

The world is swayed by “viruses that can’t see the truth,” and there is sometimes controversy over the truth of each.

“If you want to talk about the nation, at first you must look back at yoursef.”

These words are important because of we are in such a chaotic time …I think.

Thanks again for Nihon Shuji Gakkai,

We will work hard where we can learn all together in the classroom ♪

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